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Meet the DEEPP team

We are a team of researchers from UNC Chapel Hill with backgrounds in social and environmental sciences, engineering, and public policy. For more information on our team, click here.

Why We’re in Eastern North Carolina

In recent years, eastern North Carolina has experienced a number of significant storms and hurricanes. Long-time residents of the coastal plain are used to preparing for these events and helping each other in their aftermath. Recovery can take significant time and energy from households and community members. We want to better understand the short-term and long-term impacts of flood events, and how households and communities recover from them.

What We’re Doing

We will combine survey information provided by people across different Carolina communities, with satellite imaging and flood mapping to provide a more complete picture of impacts and recovery from hurricanes and floods. We hope our work will help North Carolinians and residents of other coastal areas in the United States recover more quickly and more completely from future storms.

For more information about the full scope of our work, click here.

DEEPP is made possible through a Creativity Hub grant from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Growing Convergence Research Award from the National Science Foundation, under award number GCR 2021086.